Buying a Mini Refrigerator

Compact mini refrigerators are extremely handy if your short on space, need an easy to move fridge or just need a little extra refrigeration. There are a whole host of mini fridges on the market from numerous manufacturers which if you are a student, a householder or office worker can be useful if you need to store or chill items in limited space.

Once you decide you need a mini refrigerator you have to wade through all the options available to decide which fridge will be suitable for your needs. So what might you expect to come across? Well you are going to find that compact refrigerators tend to come in a variety of sizes. Some of the smallest are about 1.7 cu ft in size but compacts tend to go up to 3.5 cu ft in size. Obviously the larger sizes will store more but will also be less portable and take up more space as well as being more expensive to run. mini refrigerator

The smaller size compacts usually have one removable wire shelf whereas the compacts over 2.5 cu ft in size will usually have their compartment divide by two interior removable wire shelves. In all sizes door storage is common and the size of refrigerator, including 1.7 cu ft, usually allows for storage of 2 liter bottles within the door.

Often you will find that manufacturers have models that include a freezer compartment. These are generally small, half width affairs and only really good enough for producing ice cubes. You can often get similar models without the compartment which allows for better storage opportunities in the chiller section.

As a rule, you’ll find that all compacts will have reversible doors and at least two leveling feet to allow for perfect positioning in most locations. Depending on how much money you are willing to spend compacts tend to come with a manual thermostatic dial control or in the more expensive cases will have the manual dial with an auto or cycle defrost facility. You’ll find that many manufacturers will have compacts that offer door compartment can dispensers which are a handy way to store cans rather than having to pack them within the compartment.

If your shopping for a mini fridge take a look at Haier, Avanti and Danby model ranges as these manufacturers tend to offer numerous sizes and options. Other well known manufacturers such as Sanyo, Igloo, and LG have good market offerings although their ranges tend to be a little narrower in choice.

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