Mi 9 Specifications and Features


The new phone may be a Xiaomi Mi 9, due to its close resemblance to the old standard Mi 9. However, the phone is not the same in all ways. For example, there is no facial recognition option for the Chinese release. In fact, one outlet has already reported that the new model will not have this feature. So, is it possible to buy the Mi 9 online?

This model comes with the same specifications as the older version – a dual-core processor, a larger memory module, the similar design as the regular Mi 9, and a full QWERTY keyboard. Apart from the absence of facial recognition, there are other minor differences in the Mi 9 compared to its predecessors. It comes with the same dual-core processor, higher memory size, and an increased dual-screen height (from five inches to six inches). Apart from these differences, there are no major difference between the Mi 9 and its predecessors.

The Mi 9 has a lot of key features that people should pay attention to. The first one is probably the most obvious, but also one of the most useful – Mi Auto apps. These are pre-installed apps that work just like the typical Android ones. You can use the Mi auto dialer to call a number, control the brightness of the phone, manage your contact list, control your home screen, manage your email, and much more.

Another useful feature of the Mi 9 is Miui, or My Utility Robot. With this robot, you can set up reminders to do regular tasks. You can specify how long it will take before your job is complete, what you will do in case of an emergency, and so on. Once you have set up your reminder, you will have to manually stop your robot. This is definitely a nice feature, especially when compared to the complicated steps that the miui system in the older version of the smartphone required you to go through.

However, one feature that many people have criticized the Mi 9 Specifications as being irrelevant to consumers, is the price. The smartphone costs about $400 in China, which is about half the price that it normally costs in the US and other European countries. There have been rumors that it could be substantially lower in other markets like the UK. Whatever the case is, the Mi 9 is still a very attractive phone. Mi 9

The one thing that the oneplus 2 has over the rest of the smartphone market is its excellent camera. The company has also managed to implement image processing technologies that are way beyond what one would expect from the Android device. This is why it is considered by many to be the best smartphone camera available today. If you are looking for a smartphone with a powerful camera, the Mi 9 is definitely worth considering.

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